What is an Anaesthestist?

An anaesthetist is a specialist doctor who has completed a medical degree at university (for between 4-6 years) and has then completed a period of general hospital training (between 2-4 years) followed by 5 years of specialist training in anaesthesia, intensive care, pain and peri-operative medicine.

The anaesthetist’s role encompasses all aspects of medicine related to the care of patients before, during and after surgery.

Your anaesthetist will be registered with the Australian & New Zealand College of Anaesthetists or equivalent. Every anaesthetist takes part in the continuing medical education program run by the College or equivalent, to ensure they remain up to date with the rapid changes in medicine and specifically in anaesthesia.

You will meet your anaesthetist prior to your procedure and discuss your past surgical and medical history as well as the important aspects of your upcoming care. It is your anaesthetist’s job to oversee your wellbeing during the procedure. Surgical procedures put significant stress on the body and without modern anaesthesia the majority of these procedures would not be possible.

Australia is the safest place in the world to have an anaesthetic. Australian anaesthetists are very proud of this fact.