Our History

Macquarie Anaesthetic Group is among Sydney’s oldest anaesthetic practices, established in the early 1960’s around the advent of modern anaesthetic care. In those days Macquarie Street was the hub for specialist medical practices in the city and most Macquarie Anaesthetic Group members practiced at the nearby Sydney Hospital. Our first office and its seven original members were based in the historic “Wyoming” building at 175 Macquarie Street.

Over the years Macquarie Anaesthetic Group moved around a number of Macquarie Street premises before eventually moving to our current home in Camperdown in 1997 as medicine moved out across the city. By this time, many of our members had left the Macquarie Street hospitals and were now based in other prominent Sydney teaching hospitals. The number of anaesthetists in the group had increased to over twenty with services being supplied to most of the major private hospitals and day surgeries in and around the city of Sydney. Today we have a membership of over 30 anaesthetists, supported by 8 staff and are based on Missenden Road in Camperdown.

Macquarie Anaesthetic Group is proud to have a tradition of past and present members with prominent roles in the field of anaesthesia both locally and nationally. This includes Past Presidents of our College ANZCA, members of the distinguished ANZCA Council and its many committees, Department Heads from our affiliated Public and Private Hospitals and clinical leaders in our field. Indeed, we are proud that the culture of Macquarie Anaesthetic Group is to support one another in providing the highest quality care for our patients while contributing to the advancement of our field.